Why Sing?

The human voice is essentially a means of communicating and in performing this vital function it provides us with the ability to enjoy life in an increasingly complex world.

Modern society creates many pressures and it is important, in order to relieve such stresses, that we find ways to unwind. We are all encouraged to use our spare time to pursue this worthwhile aim and singing is a great way of achieving this. Whilst speech is the means by which we communicate our needs and opinions, with singing we are expressing emotions and in doing so providing body and mind with valuable therapy. There can be few of us who have not enjoyed singing although, for most, it is a private way of expressing joy and perhaps a secret desire to emulate one’s favourite singer – have you never sung along to a Frank Sinatra standard or one of Elvisʼ schmaltzy renditions, or even Pavarotti? Unfortunately for many that is as far as it goes, which is a shame because anyone who enjoys “singing along” invariably has a good voice – you would soon get fed up listening to yourself if not!

There are few who would deny that singing is very therapeutic. After a bad day at work or after being stuck in traffic what better way is there to ease the stress than to join with a group of others for a good sing?  

At a Haverhill Singers rehearsal the cares of the day fade into insignificance.

We do not have auditions but work on the basis that if you enjoy singing you have the basic qualification and by receiving the support of like-minded fellow members you will quickly learn the basics and enjoy helping to create the music which forms such an important part of our lives.

In the choir you will soon gain the confidence that comes with learning how to sing from a musical score, even if you have never done so before and cannot read a note.

Ultimately there is the great sense of achievement after performing a concert to an appreciative audience.